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The first year of recurring payment (89,90€) is included in the sign-up fee!

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SERVICEBasicAdvancedAdvanced + PRO SHOP
One time payment fee299.00 €499.00 €499.00 €
Annual subscribtion*49.90 €69.90 €69.90 €
Sections & Pages: social media, sponsors, BIO, gallery, contact forum
Gallery (hi-res images)up to 8up to 16up to 24
Contact formBasicAdvancedAdvanced
Domain namevalue up to 20€value up to 40€value up to 40€
Webpage languageone languagetwo languagestwo languages
YouTube video integration
Website designdefault colorscustomized colorscustomized colors
Annual modifications on the websiteup to 3up to 6up to 9
Online store
Horizontal scrolling is enabled for mobile devices

What do we offer in the “Mysportx PRO SHOP” package?

  • The entire logistics process from storage, and order processing to shipping,
  • preparation of promotional clothing with your logo on the basis of orders received, which means that preliminary costs with stock do not arise,
  • preparing product previews with your logo for inclusion on the website,
  • entry of up to 10 products (to enter a larger number of products, please contact us),
  • Issuing invoices
  • Payment of a commission.


In addition to activation of the online store, the PRO SHOP package also includes:

  1. Enter up to 10 products

The package includes an entry for up to 10 products with key information such as:

  • SKU code,
  • Size selection,
  • Title,
  • Picture (a preview of a product with your logo),
  • Description,
  • Size chart.
  1. The entire logistics process
  • Receiving orders,
  • Order processing,
  • Sending packages to the customer’s address,
  • Issuing invoices,
  • Order status management.

The logistics process is only possible if our products are being shipped, which we have in stock and are being prepared on the basis of received pre-orders.

  1. Payment of commissions

Mysportx informs the subscriber about the logistics costs and the cost of the selected products. On the basis of this information, the subscriber formulates the sales price including VAT. The difference between the price of the product offered by Mysportx and the price set by the subscriber is the commission that Mysportx pays to the subscriber for the agreed period. The subscriber issues an invoice for the agreed period according to the legislation in force in the subscriber’s country. Before the start of cooperation, a cooperation agreement is concluded.

Another option, if the subscriber has his own company, is for the subscriber to prepare invoices that are added to the shipments. In this case, Mysportx only invoices for the service rendered.

The subscriber may also market various services, but these are not subject to sale by Mysportx. The customer must bill potential customers for such services separately.

  1. Online store maintenance

Mysportx ensures the smooth operation of the store with the necessary updates.

  1. Implementation of various payment options

Mysportx offers various payment methods that the subscriber can choose from:

  • PayPal,
  • Credit card payment,
  • Bank transfer,
  • Payment upon delivery (Italy and Slovenia only).

In case of entering more than 10 products, each additional entry is charged. The price depends on the number of the information entered. Mysportx informs the subscriber about the additional cost in advance and starts entering it after receiving the payment.

  1. Costs charged to the subscriber
  • One-time payment for setting up the page in the amount of 199€,
  • Additional products input.

Before the start of cooperation, Mysportx and the subscriber sign a cooperation agreement.



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